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YOGA Magazine is the title that each month brings you hot yoga news, yoga features, celebrity interviews and everything thats new in the world of yoga.

Regular features include, Yoga master class with poses for beginners & advanced yogis, healthy eating and recipes, kirtan, the latest books to expand your horizons, new yoga products and accessories to enhance your practice and improve your wellbeing, the hottest fashion for on and off the mat, health issues, yoga retreats and holistic travel destinations, alternative therapies, Vedic astrology and a helpful directory of yoga classes, teachers, schools and teacher training facilities. 

Alongside our regular columns from yoga experts, we also feature a wealth of contemporary authors and contributors who bring the latest philosophies, insights and developments within the Mind Body Spirit disciplines, such as Buddhism & Kabbalah.

Our first-class editorial covers contemporary ethical topics such as fair trade, cruelty free and eco family friendly products to organic and Zen gardens.

Backed by a solid team of experts we bring you quality and a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Just some of the names who have been features or contributed include BKS Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Shri K Pattabhi Jois, Danial Odier, Dadi Janki, Shiva Rea, Godfrey Deveraux, Baron Baptise, Barbara Currie, Shiv Charan Singh, Mira Mehtha, Paul Grilley, Lyn Cardinal, Tara Fraser, Daryl O Keefe, Paul Grilley, John Scott, David Swenson, John Friend, Howard Napper, Daniel Odier, Antonia Kidman, Krishna Das, Deepak Chopra, David Swenson, Adnan Tahirovic, Jai Uttal, Wah, Bhagavan Das, Ravi Singh, Ana Brett, Bikram Choudhry, Katy Appleton, Sema Fadil, Laura Bauman, David Sye, Sabel Thiam, Jennifer Dale, Trish Smith, Goran Ball, and not forgetting our own in house expert Yogi Dr Malik.

As well as bringing a whole host of celebrity interviews contributing their ideas and advice on yoga and healthy living ranging from, Olivia Newton-John, Cindy Crawford, Shilpa Shetty, Christy Turlington Maya Fiennes , Leah Bracknell, Queen Afua, Erykah Badu, Supa Nova Slom, Jamal Gray  to Uri Geller.

There are also contributions from the hottest talents in the music industry including musicians ranging from devotional chant, jazz - straight through to practitioners of yoga in the hip hop community.

Name a destination, YOGA Magazine has travelled there! From the Scottish Highlands to Cambodia, Burma, Australia, Peru, The Bahamas and Canada, we've brought you all the best from yoga retreats and holidays abroad. We have also brought back delicious recipes from places like Sri Lanka, showed you how to eat organically, de-tox, consume super foods and eat healthily for life, all based upon a vegetarian principles. YOGA Magazine also regularly looks at diets - everything from GI to South Beach, Live Foods to Superoils and more.

A great believer in natural health and treatments, YOGA searches out each month the latest in alternative treatments, uncovering techniques such as flotation tank therapy, aura soma, kinesiology and craniosacral therapy to ayurveda, reiki, the alexander technique, acupuncture, homeopathy and osteopathy for children.

We understand the need to bring our readers advice from A-list experts in the field of health and medicine to complement your lifestyle. Just some of our contributors and those who have been featured include Hazel Courtney, Josephine Fairley, Heidi Wyder, Emma Forbes, Dr Grenville, Gary Quinn, Dr Bond, Dr Sahi, Lynda Brown, Jonathon Monks, Kelly Hoppen, Dr Gabrielle Morrissey, Carolyn Cowan, Jacqueline Herron, Jayne Middlemiss, Penny Smith, Normandie Keith, Antonella Gambotto.

We've also shown you how using these techniques alongside yoga you can control and aid ailments such as multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, anorexia, ADHD, stress management, back ache, menopause for men and women, allergies, post natal depression as well as the all important issue of anti ageing.

YOGA Magazine understands the importance of science and medical research and developments in this field which is why experts in the field delve into the subjects on our behalf to enable you to better understand and appreciate the body.


At YOGA Magazine, you, our readers, are our greatest gift and we love hearing from you with your feedback and questions. Why not post a message on our message board?


There are many aspects to yoga, not just the asanas. That is why we regularly produce more in depth features that cover concepts such as Patanjalis sutras, the upanishads, the gunas, meditation, yantras, kirtan, mandalas, mantras, astral bodies, chakras, pranayama, the aura, yamas, niyamas and lots more.

We don't just look at the theory but also how the practice of yoga is making waves in the wider community including ghettos, hospitals, and schools and in the home.

Whatever style of yoga you are into, we've 'been there and done that'. Keeping you abreast of all the latest contemporary styles and fusions to hit the studios as well as exploring the more traditional schools, over the years we like to think are keeping you in the know. From anusara, ashtanga, baby and children's yoga, bihar, bikram, hatha, iyengar, jnana, karma, kundalini, kriya, purna, nataraja, neti, pregnancy yoga, rope, raja sampoona, scaravelli, sivananda, tantra, triyoga, yin yoga to pilates.

We also look into traditional sports and how the practice of yoga can enhance your performance of them including: surfing, swimming, marathon running, snowboarding, skiing, tennis, horse riding, martial arts, football, rugby, scuba diving, and cricket, kite surfing and lots more. 


Editor Yogi  Dr. Malik

The magazine's Editor, Yogi Dr Malik is a world expert in the subject of yoga and has been practising and researching the subject for over 35 years. He has also been teaching yoga for over 15 years and is fluent in several languages from the Indian sub-continent including Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. This level of expertise is translated into the magazine Yogi Dr. Malik was born in Kashmir and was directly instructed by Yogis of the Himalayan region at the age of 6. A wandering austere Sadhu for over 10 years he received spiritual training from practitioners of other spiritual traditions too, including Lamas, Sufis and Monks. He has been practising yoga for over 35 years and teaching for over 15 years. A certified yoga instructor, Yogi Dr. Malik is also a distinguished writer.

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